Carriers and Drivers are required to meet the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s (FMCSA) regulations. Drivers must obtain a medical card at least every two years and, sometimes, more frequently depending on whether the driver has a chronic illness that can change in a year’s time. Health and Safety Works focuses on three groups:

Carriers ↓    Drivers ↓    Medical Examiners ↓

Carrier Requirements

The FMCSA is responsible for ensuring that drivers are safe to operate and free of conditions that can cause sudden or gradual incapacitation while operating a commercial motor vehicle (CMV). Some of the Agency’s regulations are written broadly and can be confusing, yet carriers must ensure that their drivers meet these regulations and have bonafide medical cards signed by a provider on the National Registry of Certified Medical Examiners (National Registry). 

Compliance with FMCSA physical qualification requirements can be very confusing. The broadly written regulations and minimal guidance on specific medical conditions can leave you unsure of how to meet the regulatory requirement. Health and Safety Works offers comprehensive health and safety services to keep your drivers healthy, to minimize work related illnesses and injuries, and to comply with FMCSA regulations. 

We also offer health and wellness programs including assessing your driver needs and designing a health and wellness program specific to meet their needs on the road. We can provide health and wellness programs encouraging smoking cessation, weight reduction and developing a healthy lifestyle,  and how to adapt fitness and good nutrition to the CMV driver’s lifestyle.

Commercial Motor Vehicle Requirements

Health contributes to safe driving. People with chronic illness tend to become fatigued easily. Chronic pain is distracting. Some treatments for illness cause dizziness, fatigue and a lack of ability to concentrate. All this contribute to unsafe driving. 

As a Commercial Motor Vehicle (CMV) driver you re required to have a physical examination be a provider on the National Registry of Certified Medical Examiners (National Registry). In addition, in order to be able to operate a CMV, your state licensing agency must have a copy of your current medical card.  

So, It is important for you to know the physical qualification requirements and what you need to do to prepare for the medical examination. You need to know what can you do to optimize your chance of passing and receiving a two year medical card. Health and Safety Works provides guidance documents, presentations, webinars to CMV drivers to help them understand the importance of the FMCSA rules and help them prepare for their physical examination.

Medical Examiners Requirements

Medical Examiners must clearly understand the physical qualification regulations if they’re going to make decisions consistent with the regulations and the driver’s medical condition. However, Medical Examiners often vary in their interpretation of the regulations.  The Medical Examiner needs to understand:

  • The driver’s role and responsibility as a CMV driver — Driving a commercial truck or bus differs significantly from driving an automobile.
  • The relationship between medical conditions and CMV driving
  • Knowledge of the latest medical trends and devices and who they impact safe operation of a CMV
  • How to balance the driver’s needs with the road safety (Some Medical Examiners are very fearful of their own liability and are so strict that driver’s lose their livelihood for frivolous reasons not related to driver incapacitation).  

To provide sound medical determinations Medical Examiners must clearly understand all the nuances between medical conditions, their treatments and the FMCSA.  

Health and Safety Works provides this clarity to Medical Examiners through documents, training, presentations and research. We have extensive knowledge of the FMCSA regulations and guidance documents and are able to translate that knowledge into meaningful advice through:


  • FMCSA physical qualifications for CMV drivers
  • National Registry of Certified Medical Examiners updates, new forms and new processes
  • How to become a Medical Examiner 


  • Relationship of medical conditions to regulations and rule-making 
  • Compliance with physical qualification regulations for bus and truck drivers
  • FMCSA’s National Registry of Certified Medical Examiners


Conducting presentations on a variety of subjects such as:

  • How to participate in rule making
  • FMCSA update
  • New and proposed rules and who they affect the Medical Examiner


Researching medical conditions and their relationship to transportation regulations.  

Medical Examiners need information on medical trends, and the newest devices and treatments. They need to avoid fads and rely on solid, evidence-based data to prevent misinformation. Medical Examiners must understand the newest information about FMCSA physical qualifications regulations and guidance and how to comply with them. Medical Examiners need to make sound medical determinations based on the latest medical information to keep drivers on the road and keep the roads safe. 

Health and Safety Works researches the newest peer-reviewed studies and presents the information in a concise report. 

  • Exploring the latest information available for compliance with regulatory mandates 
  • Information on specific medical conditions and treatment for those conditions and the pier impact on CMV driving.


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