General Services

Training, consulting presenting and researching are offered in support of Occupational Health (OSHA), Transportation Health (FMCSA) and Health and Wellness.


We train employees, employer and healthcare professionals for compliance with a variety of regulatory requirements (OSHA or FMCSA). Employers, Carriers and Drivers must comply with a variety of safety and health regulations. Health and Safety Works provides training programs to meet the whichever regulatory requirements are important to your industry (OSHA or FMCSA)  and provides training records for required documentation. We also offer non-regulatory health and wellness training for developing and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. 


Employers, employees, drivers, carriers and healthcare professionals can become confused about the OSHA and/or FMCSA regulatory requirements. Health and Safety Works allays the confusing by presenting sound advise based on many years of experience and knowledge of the regulations and the regulatory processes with a focus on OSHA or FMCSA. 

In addition, we offer help in achieving a healthy lifestyle so workers and drivers can minimize their health care expenses while maximizing their productivity and general well-being.

Health and Safety Works consultation services provides:

  • Workplace Assessment
  • Program Design 
  • Information Resources and Training


Health and Safety Works keeps you aware of latest regulations affecting your industry by conducting presentations and facilitating discussions that help you can meet the requirements that are important in the current business environment.

In addition, we conduct presentations to promote health and achieve optimum wellness, such as, how to motivate and coach people to adopt healthy lifestyles. 

Our presentations on a variety of topics regulatory compliance, updates and trends and health and wellness are optimized for: 

  • Small and large group 
  • In-person or via webinar presentations

Stay abreast of the trends and learn how to participate in the rule making processes that affect your livelihood!


Employers, Drivers, Carriers and Health Care professionals need information on the medical trends and newest devices in the industry. They need to avoid fads and rely on solid, evidence-based data to prevent misinformation. 

Health and Safety Works researches the latest peer-reviewed studies and provide concise easy-to-understand reports on topics of interest such as, but not limited to: 

  • Exploring the latest information available for compliance with regulatory mandates 
  • Specific medical conditions and treatments and the impact on CMV driving
  • Information on developing and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. 


Contact us to learn more about how our services can benefit your company!