Health and Wellness Programs

Healthy Employees and Drivers contribute to safer workplaces and highways with fewer accidents, crashes, worker’s compensation claims and health care expenditures. Health and Safety Works can help employees and drivers optimize their health through workplace assessment, program design, information resources and training. 

Health contributes to safe driving and safe workplaces. People with chronic illness tend to become fatigued easily. Chronic pain is distracting. Some treatments for illness cause dizziness, fatigue and a lack of ability to concentrate. All this contribute to unsafe driving and unsafe workplaces increasing risk of CMV crashes and workplace accidents. 

For too long people thought illness just happened to them and that they had no control. Now we know that most of the illness affecting modern man are a direct result of man’s lifestyle, i.e. being overweight leads to hypertension; diabetes and obstructive sleep apnea and smoking leads to lung cancer and chronic lung diseases, etc. Knowing this each of us has an opportunity to enhance our health and minimize the illnesses that adversely impact our lives.

Health and Safety Works provides training, consulting, presenting and research.


  • Information on resources for implementing a health and wellness program for your employees/drivers.
  • The latest trends in motivating people to develop new health habits and make lifestyle changes.


We provide consultation services to help people develop healthier lifestyles, such as:


  • of your workplace and give you advice on how to incorporate employee wellness programs into your workplace
  • of your health insurance usage
  • of employee demographics


  • an employee/Driver Health and Wellness Program customized to meet your needs
  • metrics to determine the program's effectiveness


  • information and resources on the latest health and wellness trends
  • updated information on motivating employees to make changes toward healthy living 


Conducting presentations on a variety of subjects such as:

  • how to develop a health and wellness program
  • how to identify changes that individuals need to make for a healthy lifestyle


  • information on the medical trends and newest devices
  • to avoid fads and rely on solid, evidence-based data to prevent misinformation

Health and Safety Works researches the newest peer-reviewed studies and presents the information in a concise report.


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