OSHA Compliance and Consultation

Small and medium size businesses may not have a full-time specialist in occupational health on staff. Sometimes someone in Human Resources is assigned to ensure compliance with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regulations. Often important compliance requirements are missed which can lead to fines for the company.  

Compliance with OSHA requirements can be very confusing Health and Safety Works offers comprehensive health and safety services to keep your employees healthy, to minimize work related illnesses and injuries, and to comply with OSHA regulations.

We offer programs that include assessing your workplace for hazards and designing employee training programs to meet the OHSA mandated requirements such as hearing conservation, working with lead, preventing slips, trips and falls, needlestick safety, etc. We can design a program specific to meet your employees’ training needs whether they work in health care or in a manufacturing plant.  

In addition, we consult on health and wellness programs encouraging smoking cessation, weight reduction and developing a healthy lifestyle.

Services Offered

Health and Safety Works specializes in:


In person or webinars 

  • OSHA mandated employee training  
  • Employee health and wellness education
  • Health care professionals re: Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) 
  • How to participate in the rule-making process


Health and Safety Works consultation services provide


  • of your workplace and give you advice on how to meet the FMCSA physical qualification requirements
  • of your worker’s comp claims and OSHA injury/illness logs 


  • an FMCSA compliance program and/or 
  • a Driver Health and Wellness Program customized to meet your needs


  • Information on resources for meeting FMCSA requirements
  • Updated information on FMCSA regulations 
  • How to participate in the rule-making processes


Conducting presentations on a variety of subjects such as:

  • How to participate in rule making
  • Assessing your Occupational Health Services
  • Update on regulatory actions, regulations and guidance. 


Researching medical conditions and their relationship to OSHA regulations. 

Employers and Health Care professionals need:

  • Information on the medical trends, newest devices.
  • To avoid fads and rely on solid, evidence-based data to prevent misinformation.
  • To understand the latest information about OSHA standards and how to comply with them.

Health and Safety Works researches the newest peer-reviewed studies and presents the information in a concise report. 

  • Exploring the latest information available for compliance with regulatory mandates 
  • Information on developing and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.  

Employers and Health Care professionals need information on the medical trends and newest devices in the industry. They need to avoid fads and rely on solid, evidence-based data to prevent misinformation. 


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